About PSCJ


Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Business is a non-profit private college belonging to the King Faisal Foundation and operated under the auspices of the Higher Education Ministry in Saudi Arabia. Due to the rapid increase in the Saudi youth, the rising demand for higher education, the enormous pressure and demand on public universities, and the contribution of tourism, hospitality and business organizations to the economy, all provided good reasons for the development of Prince Sultan College in the fields of tourism, hospitality and business management. The college aspires to be Saudi Arabia’s most timely and responsive private college in its unique fields through the provision of quality undergraduate academic programs


The vision of Prince Sultan College is to become and remain innovative in the pursuit of excellence in its teaching, its research, and its consultancy. In addition, the college will be a model institution of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will maintain an excellent teaching, quality research, an effective learning environment, and outstanding community service. The college will focus on international recognition of excellence through accreditation and quality certification of all its activities. To achieve this, Prince Sultan College has adopted the mission statement and goals that are listed below.


Prince Sultan College has been designed and developed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the domestic and regional communities for highly qualified manpower. Thus, the college is fully committed to achieving excellence and perfection in higher education through presenting modern developed programs for teaching tourism, hospitality, hajj and umrah, and business management. These programs are taught and developed by qualified teachers in excellent educational facilities featuring state-of-the-art technology. The college also offers continuous support to faculty members to develop their abilities and academic knowledge and encourages them to conduct and publish relevant research in their respective areas of specialization and to attend conferences and scientific symposiums in tourism hospitality and business management activities. The college contributes to the expansion of knowledge by understanding quality research and by developing and applying modern information technology, where it can play a significant role in leading cultural, social, and economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.