Select two web sites in the same industry, for example, Dell and its competitor Compaq, FedEx and UPS, GM and Ford, Hershey and Nestle, and critically compare them along a set of criteria you think important from E-marketing prospective. For example, the criteria might include:
  •   Accessibility – Lecture 6 (2 marks)
  •   Usability – Lecture 6 (2 marks)
  •   Searchability (also include URL, Title tags, Meta Data, keywords in HTML they used… etc) – Lecture 6 (2 marks)
  •   Social Sharing and Discoverability,- Lecture 6 (2 marks)
  •   How they plan (also include Site map…etc) – Lecture 6 (2 marks)
  •   How they design (include visual identity, Navigation, Layout, Header, Footer, and Credibility) – Lecture 6 (5 marks)
  •    Search engine results ( how is their result in organic and PPC search results)- Lecture 4 and 5 (2 marks)
  •   How they interact with mobile phone users (lecture 5) (2 marks)
  •   How they design sign up forms (1 marks)
  •   and anything else you'd like to include on your comparison (extra marks)

Discuss the strength and weaknesses of each site and draw some conclusions and suggestions. Students will be selected randomly to present and share your findings to class.

Note: each student must select unique websites. No two students selecting same web site is allowed. Each student has to send their selected websites via comments in this page. The earlier is the accepted one.