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Reference E-book:
Part 1: Think

Part 2: Create

Part 3: Engage

Part 4: Optimise

Lectures Downloads:
Lecture 1 Title: Emarketing Introduction
Lecture 2 Title: Email Marketing (Chapter 7)
Lecture 3 Title: Affiliate Marketing (Chapter 9), Lecture 3 (Part 2)
Lecture 4 Title: Search Engine Marketing (Chapter 10)
Lecture 5 Title: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Chapter 11)
Lecture 6 Title: Web Planning, Developing, and Designing for E-Marketing (Chapter 4)
Lecture 6 (part 2)

Final Exam:

Part of the Important Questions for Final Exams
1. Search engines want their results to be highly relevant to web users. How the usage data be the effective way to judge the relevancy?
2. Which is more important in web design – functionality or look and feel? Explain
3. List the 4Ps that are referred as marketing mix. Explain how e-marketing adds values to them.

4. How can analyzing the links to a competitor’s website help aid your own link building strategy
5. Ahmed is a marketing manager in his company and he conducted email marketing campaign for the company’s products. Since the number of customers is rapidly increased, he is facing much pressure to manage the email design and send. What you recommend to Ahmed to solve this problem? Explain why.
6. If you would like to start a marketing campaign for your website via search engine approach, which one will you choose: SEO or PPC? Explain why?

Formatting of Final Exam:
15 multiple questions
5 Definitions
10 Essay questions

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