Research Keywords:
Cryptography,  Information Security, Network Security, Cyber-Crime, E-Commerce, E-Marketing, Parallel Computing

Subjects Interests
E-Commerce, Information Technology, E-Marketing, Management Information Systems, Information Security, Ethical Hacking, Web Security, Security Traffic Analysis, Intrusion Detection System, Network, TCP/IP Suite, Network Security, Project Management in Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics and English

Computer Skills:
Network Security, Intrusion Detection, Ethical Hacker, E-Commerce, Google Adwords, Adsense, E-commerce, Blogger, Google Apps, C++, HTML, Linux, Tcpdump, Wireshark, Network flow analysis, Netflow, Snort, Bro, UML Modelling, Training, Teaching, Research, MS Project Management, IT Management, Programming, Web Development, E-Learning, Troubleshooting, VMware

General Interests:
Teaching, Publishing Papers, Joining Scientific Conferences, Reading, Designing Blogs, Traveling, Hardworking, Teamwork, Punctual, and Discipline

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